Wakeboard Tower Guide

Wakeboard Towers offer a high tow point which positions the tow rope up at 7 feet from the water, providing the control and maneuverability a wakeboarder needs to get serious air. Wakeboard towers are made strong from either 6061-T6 or 6063-T6 aircraft grade aluminum tubing or 304 stainless steel and can be black, white, powder coated or highly polished to suit your style and boat. There are towers made specifically for your type of boat, they can be custom made or are available in a universal tower. Tower styles suit low windscreen boats (bow riders) with a laid back look, and a swoop back style for all other boats and gives a meaner, wider look. There are also sleek pro-look towers like Joystick.

Custom Wakeboard Towers

Custom wakeboard towers are just that, custom made to suit your boat. They can come included in a new boat package or purchased as an extra with the boat. Either way these wakeboard towers are usually of very high quality as the boat manufacturers and dealers only use trusted manufacturers. Having the tower installed by your certified boat dealer or the manufacturer will guarantee quality. One major benefit is the fact that because the tower has been made to fit your boat exactly you end up with a much more stable tower. Another advantage is that custom towers can usually be powder coated in a color of your choice. When it comes to price, custom wakeboard towers are no different from most custom made products and are more expensive than their off the shelf counterparts the Universal tower. For more info read the Custom Tower Guide. A few of the leading custom wakeboard tower manufacturers include:

  • New Dimensions TowersNew Dimension
  • Samson SportsSamson
  • Skylon wakeboard towersSkylon
  • Wake DesignWake Design

Universal Wakeboard Towers

Universal towers are designed to fit a wide variety of boats depending on the beam size. The beam sizes that each tower fits does differ amongst manufacturers with some of the more popular sizes being 60" to 102", 67" to 96", 76" to 108" and 79" to 105". With a large selection of manufacturers and styles to choose from, universal wakeboard towers are not only less expensive than custom models you should also get you hands on your new tower considerably quicker as most are in stock and ready to ship. The flip side there is that these towers quite often do not come with many color choices and you will need to arrange installation. For pricing and model specifications visit the Universal Tower Guide. Manufacturers of universal towers include;

  • Aerial Wakeboard towersAerial
  • Air BoomAir Boom
  • Avenger wakeboard towersAvenger
  • Big AirBig Air
  • Bullet Lines Wakeboard towersBullet Lines
  • Joystick Wakeboard towersJoystick
  • Monster wakeboard towersMonster
  • Roswell wakeboard towersRoswell

Wakeboard Tower Styles

Wakeboard towers are available in a multitude of styles, while the tower style does not affect the basic function of a tower it does make a huge impact on the look of your boat. That is where personal opinion and preference come in to play and fortunately in today’s marketplace there are plenty of great looking wakeboard tower styles to choose from including swooped, reverse, roll bar, caged and some of the other examples below.

Samson reverse wakeboard tower
Samson Reverse Arch wakeboard tower
Samson switchblade wakeboard tower
Samson Switchblade wakeboard tower
Skylon fst wakeboard tower
Skylon FST wakeboard tower
Avenger Vortex wakeboard tower
Avenger Vortex wakeboard tower
Samson sports wakeboard tower
Samson Sports wakeboard tower
Skylon xtreme pro wakeboard tower
Skylon Xtreme pro wakeboard tower
Samson saber wakeboard tower
Samson Saber wakeboard tower
Aerial freeride wakeboard tower
Aerial Freeride wakeboard tower
Roswell Area wakeboard tower
Roswell Area wakeboard tower

Collapsible Wakeboard Towers

A wakeboard tower generally is partially or fully collapsible making it easy to fold down when the boat is stored. The time it takes to collapse a tower and the method involved varies depending on the brand and their specific design however many towers can be collapsed in minutes and do not require any special tools to do so. Too see just how easy it is to collapse a Samson Switchblade tower check out the video below.

Whether you shop for a wakeboard tower by boat or buy a universal tower there are heaps of accessories to add to your wakeboard tower including Speakers, Lights and Racks.

Buying a wakeboard tower online can save you money and you can even find tower combos to set you up in one go.

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